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About Cafe Saffron

At Cafe Saffron we offer creative Halal, Indian dishes delivered right to your door. Our chefs offer expert knowledge of Halal, Indian to enhance your delivery experience. Delivery out is not just about the food, it’s about the whole experience. Be sure to check out our range of mouth-watering specials and meal deals.

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17b Aylesbury Street
Clerkenwell, EC1R0DR

Favourite Menu Items


tender lamb chops matured in yoghurt, cream, cheese and ginger marinated and grilled


grilled chicken stuffed with chopped mushroom, ginger, coriander and chillies in a green mustard sauce


spring chicken on the bone marinated with delicate herbs and spices then barbecued over flaming charcoal


spring chicken on the bone marinated with delicate herbs and spices then barbecued over flaming charcoal


off the bone pieces of chicken marinated in special spices and barbecued in a charcoal tandoor


off the bone pieces of lamb marinated in special spices and barbecued in a charcoal tandoor

Customer Reviews of Cafe Saffron

167 reviews


  • Food was absolutely amazing and always is when I order from here. Thank you!


  • No complains. Great food and service. Will order again.


  • This is the most underrated indian takeaway I have tried near my area! The food tastes great with all the spices it's authentic indian food and I am so pleased to discover this place. Great value for money and their delivery service is top notch. The food arrives quite early before the ETA which is pretty rare for food delivery. I have ordered so often from them that I think the delivery guy already recognises me hahaha!


  • Food arrived on time! I went for the Goan fish curry and was happily surprised how well it was made! Will re-order from this place!


  • peshwari naan is like waste of money i


  • Very nice and quick


  • Always top quality


  • I've used Saffron for years now, the food has always been really tasty and good value for money. Our favourite dishes are the chicken korma and tikka masala, the sauces are thick and creamy just the way we like them, delicious!


  • Great service and great food as always 👍🏻


  • Speachless! Well don you got another order right. Thank you


  • Butter chicken curry was awful!! It was so thick it made a paste with my rice and was inedible. Ended up chucking away!


  • Consistently good!


  • Had the Lamb chilli masala. Too oily and not enough meat. Additionally the lamb was tough and overcooked. Also had the meat samosa, which were probably the best meat samosas I've had so any takeaway so far. I think chicken is the safer bet usually but tried lamb this time and it wasn't great


  • Speed of service was excellent however avoid the lamb korai it's just a bit of gravy and lots of onions not as same as lamb bhuna although they don't have that on their menu. Mix grill is nice and I would order again. It's a shame that the Pilau rice could be a bit more moist as it was very dry. Overall good but lamb korai let it down.


  • Food was excellent, freshly cooked and hot. Just make sure if you need to speak to them on the phone for any reason make sure you have a lot of patients as their first language is not English so there is a language barrier. I had to ring them as I put two seperate orders in and wanted to make sure they both got delivered the same time but for two different people so packed separately. Overall will order again.